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The Product

Zonavita represents the ultimate fusion of innovation in cabinet accessories from Blum and the most modern, most customizable cabinet surfaces avaialble. The result is totally modern and totally unique.


Mixing and matching colors as well as materials allows for the ultimate in style and personalization.

Materials choices for doors and drawers include:

Painted Fibreboard
A composite wood product, it is made from wood waste fibers glued together with resin, heat and pressure. Used as a core for doors with a painted finish. It will not expand and contract causing joint fractures like solid wood does making this substrate ideal for painted finish doors.

A finish applied to the particleboard or fibreboard core. The finish is heat sealed into the wood for a durable, scratch resistant and easy to clean finish. Melamine is also heat and moisture resistant.

A Polygloss made by bonding a micron clear film of recycled, PVC free Polyester onto the surface of a double faced melamine board with MDF substrate. PET’s high gloss finish allows for easy cleaning and the clear Polyester film is scratch, abrasion, UV and water resistant.

Exotic Veneer
Created by manipulating common wood fiber through computer design and technology reproducing their natural appearance. This environmentally responsible alternative produces veneers that are the highest quality, defect free and consistent in color and grain.

A material that is constructed by combining two or more layers of material together. These layers are fused together under heat and/or high pressure. Zonavita offers a wide selection of colors and styles.

Cecilia Tanoni Interiors and Eileen Saunders, CKD

Hardware and Accessories

These are just some of the many lifestyle-enhancing features you can add to enhance motion within the kitchen, improve organization and reduce clutter, enabling you to work more efficiently and enjoy your kitchen more.

Lift Systems
Enable you to lift up fronts providing unhindered access to the interior of wall cabinets. Doors open easily, remain in any desired position and close silently and effortlessly because of the integrated soft close. Also available with SERVO-DRIVE.

ORGA-LINE Kitchen Accessories
They make many kitchen tasks easier and provide unobtrusive organization. Because with the spice holder, film dispenser and other ORGA-LINE accessories, you have everything that you need close at hand. And when the cooking is finished, they can be quickly stored away. ORGA-LINE organization that also looks beautiful.

Integrated Appliances
Streamlined design and ease of use define the fully integrated appliance look. Accentuating your high-end appliances in your kitchen is becoming a thing of the past; these days home owners are opting to integrate their various appliances right into the kitchen design. While the functionality remains, the result is a clean, minimalist style that emphasizes the kitchens other accessories and materials while providing a clear and easy work space. When choosing your appliances we are able to accommodate all major manufacturers.

An electrical drive opening support system for drawers and pull-outs. A light touch on the front or a light pull of the handle, and drawers and pull-outs will open as if by themselves. It also doesn’t matter how or where you touch the front. And thanks to BLUMOTION, pull-outs will re-close silently and effortlessly. SERVO-DRIVE now adds ease when it comes to designing kitchens with handle-less fronts.

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