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The Philosophy

The Zonavita philosophy is based on two principles:

  1. Optimizing space utilization
  2. Maximizing personalization

The result is a new approach to kitchen design and construction. To call it modern might just be an understatement.
Zonavita kitchens are designed around the Dynamic Space concept developed by cabinet hardware innovator Blum. Years of research into the needs of kitchen users as observed in their homes and in Blum’s kitchen labs proved that the most functional kitchens have three essential features:

  1. Smooth workflows
  2. Ample storage space
  3. Improved human movement throughout the kitchen
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To address this need for optimal functionality, Blum pioneered a five-zone concept of kitchen design that save time and energy and eliminate clutter:

Food is kept in the consumables zone. When planning this zone it’s important to ensure that everything’s within easy reach.
The non-consumables zone is designed for flatware, dishes, glasses and plastic containers. That’s why it’s a good idea to have the dishwasher close by.
This zone houses the dishwasher and sink. Cleaning utensils and cleaning agents should be kept here so that everything is close at hand.
All the items needed for preparing food are kept in this zone. Drawers ensure that they are within easy reach.
There should be enough space for pots, pans, lids, and cooking utensils close to the cooktop.

The Dynamic Space five-zone design concept can be applied to all types of kitchens.


Complementing the Dynamic Space concept is Zonavita’s nearly unlimited range of choices in cabinet surfaces. Using beautiful and durable materials like acrylics, exotic veneers and thermofoils, Zonavita offers an incredible range of colors. You can even have colors matched to your choice of swatches from various color matching systems. By pioneering a unique manufacturing process, your Zonavita cabinets will be produced to order for a totally unique kitchen, unlike any other—and one that is more affordable that you’d imagine.

Cabinet Surfaces